3 Awesome Android Apps for Remote Workers

How many apps have you installed on your smartphone? Did you know the average smartphone user has 26 apps installed? According to AppBrain, there are 1,482,607 Android apps on the market. And if that wasn’t enough, the United States is placed eighth in the list of countries with the highest average number of installed apps per user, according to Statista.

In other words, if you are taking full advantage of your smartphone, you may have downloaded productivity-boosting apps; based on your interests and needs. But, what if you are working from home? There is a myriad of “must-have” apps to enhance your work. So, which ones should you download?

Android Apps for remote users

Here is a short list of 3 awesome apps that can help you increase your productivity:

#1 CSIPSimple

If you work from home, you understand how important it is to maintain constant communication with your boss and colleagues. Similarly, if you run a multiple-location business from home you may need a reliable phone system that can help you manage your business communications effectively at affordable prices. My hosted IP phone system increased my business productivity and reduced my bill in half. If you are interested in VoIP phone systems, check out these options. These telecom experts provide high-quality phone systems and free expert advice.

You can access your VoIP phone system from your smartphone with a SIP client application. CSIPSimple is highly popular as it supports voice or video calls without any interference. This application offers powerful functionality, plus, it can record calls and provide secure messaging, while delivering high quality service.

#2 Wunderlist

Carrying out daily tasks successfully is a concern for all of us regardless of whether we work from home or from the office. For successful results, we require organizing strategies to improve our performance. A great way to achieve this is by organizing tasks into topic-oriented lists and Wunderlist helps you do just that. This app enables you to share lists, delegate tasks, set reminders, and attach photos and to-do files.

#3 QualityTime

Calls, chatting or checking Facebook news feed are all ways that people waste time during the work day. The main time-consuming practice is web surfing. According to a report shared by Forbes, the amount of time wasted per week on non-work related websites is: 1 hour (39% of employees), 1 to 2 hours (29%) and 2 to 5 hours (21%).

QualityTime tracks how much you use your smartphone as well as giving you detailed breakdowns of how you have used your phone over the week. One of its advantages is that it will alert you if usage exceeds a significant amount of time.

Productivity apps are a must have for all professionals because they are designed to facilitate task execution and improve your work performance. By using the above-mentioned apps you can make sure to have a more productive day!

Was this article helpful? What are your favorite productivity apps? Share your thoughts and stories with us.

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